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Starskate/Private Sessions Minimum Skater Qualifications by Session


Must have completed Stage 5 of the CanSkate program to be on ice unattended.

Sundays (**First hour only): Beginner skaters to Stage 4 CanSkate individual sessions 

Junior Must have completed Stage 3 of the CanSkate program or working on Preliminary free skate

Tuesdays: Must have completed Senior Bronze skills, free skate and elements

Wednesdays: Must have completed Junior Bronze free skate and elements

**All skaters must have CanSkate Stage 5 to be on ice unattended.


Tax receipts will be available for pick up in the music room in January.


2nd Half Canskate Registration Forms, with lessons starting in January:

Century Arena Canskate Registration Form

Terry Sawchuk Arena Canskate Registration Form


To register, please confirm space by emailing us, and then register in person at the first session by bringing completed forms and fee. ALL pages of the forms must be printed, and completed.


2015 Winnipeg Regional STARSkate Competition registration is now open. Click here for the online registration link.



2014/2015 CanSkate Session dates

Canskate Calendar

Thursdays start Oct. 16th and ends Dec. 18th, resuming Jan 8th ending March 12th

Saturdays start Oct. 18th and ends Dec. 20th, resuming Jan. 10th ending March 14

Tues.CanSkate at Terry Sawchuk start Oct. 7th and ends Dec. 16th with no skating Rem.Day Nov. 11th, resuming Jan. 6th, ending March 10th

2014/2015 Starskate/Private Session dates

Starskate Calendar

Sundays starting Oct. 5th, ending March 22nd EXCEPT NO SKATING Oct.12th, Dec. 28th

Mondays starting Oct. 6th, last date March 16th EXCEPT Oct. 13th (Thanksgiving), Dec. 29th, Feb. 16th (Louis Riel Day)

Tuesdays starting Oct. 7th, ending March 17 EXCEPT Nov. 11th (Rem. Day), Dec. 30th
    **special ending times should be noted: Dec. 2nd, Jan, 13, March 3, 10, 17th end at 7pm

Wednesdays starting Oct. 1st, ending March 18th, EXCEPT Dec. 24 and 31
    **special ending time on Nov. 19th at 6:45pm

Thursdays starting Oct 2nd, ending March 19th EXCEPT Dec. 25th, Jan. 1st



Casual Ice

$18 / Hour Members

$20 / Hour Non-members

Cheque or Exact cash only. To be handed in to music room before skater steps on ice.

No out of club drop ins during test or competition weeks.





中文資料/Chinese Information


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